DOLL FLOPS  - doll up your feet with doll flops
How to order
Go to gallery page and view the product and choose which doll flop that interest you.
Keep in my mind we do not duplicate the flip flops so the flop you chose will be custom made. SIMILAR BUT NEVER THE EXACT SAME.
Customers  outside of Texas please allow 7 to 14  business days to receive your order.
Please know your size because there are no refunds on the product once shipped.
You must have paypal in order to complete a transaction.
Paypal is and online webpage that is used to complete online transactions. To set up a paypal account is easy as 123. Log on to and click create new account 
It's for your protection as well as the company. If you have any questions or
concerns, feel free to contact us via phone or email

Office hours 9 to7 pm
 Excepting orders for the Doll Flop house slippers after thanksgiving email your order
thank you for shopping with us!